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Computer Card Finder

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Here is a neat way to reveal a card that is merely thought of by the spectator. 

Now you show your super flat, integrated circuitry card computer -- really just a set of plastic cards with various card values printed on them.  The cards also have holes in them at random places, so they feel a bit like old computer punch cards.   You hand the cplastic cards to the spectator and she thinks of any card (no force, no writing anything down, etc -- really just a card in her head).   Now you read her mind and tell her that the card she is thinking of will be on exactly three of the cards she holds.  The spectator sorts the cards into two piles -- one with cards that have her card on them, and one pile for the cards where her card is not shown.  She finds your prediction to be true.  You then pick up the two piles of cards and set them aside, so you can focus on reading her thoughts.  You name the card she is thinking of. 

She begs you to perfom it again!  You do, as many times as you want!  The mystery is heightened on the repeats as you admit that every card in the deck appears on only three cards.  While this eliminates the mystery of your first prediction, it strengthens the revelation of the card, because it is clear that the number of cards in the piles does not clue you to the value.

By magic (or some complicated binary sortation method that only Max Maven would understand), the pile of "not my card" cards instantly tells you the thought of card, every time!  Easy to do and a real fooler!

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