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Vanishing Deck and Card Case

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Online Price

Save: $2.00
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Qty: 1   

A fine version of an effect that used to sell for upwards of $30...this one does the exact same thing, but at a price that is as unbelievable as the trick itself! A box of bicycle Poker sized cards is opened, and a card (I use a joker) is removed from the box to use as a magic wand. The box is placed into black cardboard sleeve, and when this is shown again, the deck has vanished. Or if you like, do it like I do, and have a mini deck in its place (a shrinking deck effect instead of vanish... Dont forget to ask the spectator to put away the regular sized joker into the mini card box.) You will use this if you buy it. It is easy as pie, and makes a nice interlude between some heavy weight card magic.

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