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Spider who Loves Cards (Tricks, Co. Ltd.)

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Seems I use the word "weird" a lot when describing Tricks, Co items... Well, here is a weird one (again!).  After a card is selected, it is placed into the deck, and the deck is put away.  Instead of finding the card in the deck, the magi brings out a small plastic frame depicting a spider's web.  In the web are various card values.  He also shows a small plastic spider.  The spider is put in the frame and then somehow crawls around to the correct card value (or values if you select more than one card.)  Completely under your control, and the baffling part is that all of your fingers are visible on the sides of the frame, so no clue as to what might be moving the spider.  Takes some practice, but when you have the knack, you have a VERY memorable card revelation.    Previously owned, but in Very Good condition, complete with original instructions.

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