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Decked Out (early JB Magic)

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I know, I know.  The picture exposes the existence of split face and split back cards to world!!   My belief is that there are not very many (read, none) non-magicians cruising magic websites, so I thought it was safe to post it.  Besides, I could not think of a better way to convey how cool a deck this is.
The effect is amazing.  Deck shown to be red, and shown to be well mixed.   Card selected.  Deck changes color to blue.  Now deck re-orders itself in Ace to King suited new deck order, which makes it obvious which card was it is not there.   Spectators card is revealed by the deck itself, and is the only odd backed card to boot!   Produced by Mark Mason in the UK, I do not see this trick available very often.  You will like this effect a LOT! The only complaint I would have is that the cards have Hoyle Backs and I am a Bicycle kinda guy.   But my audiences have never really questioned the different back design...all cards look alike to the lay audience anyway.   Great card stuff, you should own this!

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Perhaps one of the most charismatic of all trick decks, the spilt deck has been sliced in two diagonally -- someone misunderstood when you asked them to cut the cards! One spectator selects a half-card from one half of the deck, and another spectator takes a half-card from the other half. Not only do the spectators' halves match, but you bring out a whole card prediction that also matches. Made with familiar Bicycle Poker size cards, that will match your regular decks.
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Rising Cards - Self-Contained (a la Devano method)
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