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Force bag -- clear, no frills

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Great utility prop, that looks comletely ordinary because, well, can see right through it! But is has three separate compartments so you can easily show various flat objects like cards, coins, chips, bills, etc to be different, and when the spectator reachs to pick one, he can only touch one of the force group. The three partition feature allows the audience to see different items on BOTH sides, with the duplicate force objects hidden in the middle section. I show it with alphabet cards (NOT included), but you can use coins for a nifty date prediction, or the ESP symbol chips I sell elsewhere on TMGS, or bills or any relatively flat items. Very handy!

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Force Bag -- small mesh, with egg routine (Ian Adair )
Here is a nice see-thru mesh bag that allows you to force one object on a spectator. It comes with an Ian Adair routine with easter eggs, where one egg contains a prize, but you can let your imagination go and find myriad other uses for this versatile prop. Perfect for forcing a particular billet or denomination of bill - crumple up five different denominations and toss 'em in the bag, make a prediction, and let spectator choose from the bag. Prediction is correct, of course…. That's the routine I use frequently, but you can make up your own I am sure.
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Symbol Chips -- ESP poker chip set

These are plastic poker chips imprinted with ESP symbols on both sides.   The symbols are different on each side, and so they can be used for the "domino principle" prediction of two randomly selected symbols.

The spectator begins stacking the chips, by matching a symbol to the same symbol (face to face), and the matching the next exposed symbol with another (face-to-face) etc until the chips are in a single stack.   The symbol on top or bottom is selected, and you show that you predicted this random symbol would come up.    This can be immediately repeated with another result.

This is the routine it comes with, but I like to use these handy symbol chips for all kinds of ESP routines and predictions. Because they have two different symbols on each chip, I use them as my prediction of a card selected from an ESP deck, and the double-sided nature of the chip gives me two prediction "outs"!

 NOTE: for some reason, the chips do NOT have the traditional wavy lines symbols, but instead have a triangle symbol.    That small drawback aside, these are a great addition to the mentalist's toolbox, and something you will use a lot!     The chips are fairly lightweight plastic, but that does make them easier to carry in your pocket.  Get a small velour bag, and you 'll have a classy piece of pocket mental magic.

This item was discontinued about 2010, and this is one from back then that has been in hiding and is still sealed in its package.   Not sure it has any "in package" collector's value, but if you think it might, it is still sealed for you.  But I recommend cracking the package open and using these for your performances.

New and in package.
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Lucky envelope prediction
A simple effect using six numbered envelopes and a die. Here's my routine with it: Six envelopes are shown, and spectators pass the die around, rolling it and taking the envelope with the number they roll. When five spectators have envelopes, the remaining one is left for the magician. Spectators open their envelopes and each finds a lottery ticket, but magi shows that he already won -- his envelope contains a hundred dollar bill. If you don't want to give away the lotto tix, each envelope can contain a simple fortune cookie fortune, and the magi's contains a real "fortune", the $100!! Comes with two "forcing dice" so you can use a different die and get a different result on repeats.  And I really like the 6 envelopes that come with it.  They are colorful, and each is numbered, so I find that I can use them in other demonstrations of ESP or card magic. 
Original Price: $3.95
Save: $1.96

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