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Turnover Prediction -- Jumbo size

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This is a fast and interesting way to reveal a sleected card. Spectator selects a card from a deck, and instead of finding it in the deck, the magician shows four jumbo cards that represent an entire deck. Each card has a large suit pip and all thirteen card values on it. The magician explains that finding the card is a process of narrowing down the choices first from 52 to 13, then to one. Magically, one of the suit cards turns facedown in the packet. It is the same suit as the chosen card, so the field has narrowed to 13 possibilities. The climax comes when the facedown card is removed, and it has transformed into the selected card. The strength of this change comes from the very clean display of all the backs and four full faces. Very deceptive and only four cards are used!

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Jumbo Ghost Card routine

Great version of the Princess card trick, with a kicker finish.   Originally invented by Burling Hull, this recent set is beautifully printed on jumbo 4x6.5 inch cards by SPS Magic.  (Samuel Patrick Smith's magic company).

A fan of JUMBO cards is shown, and spectator thinks of one of them.    After a magical pass and a magical incantation, the cards are dealt one at a time into the spectator's hand, (or stood up against glasses in a stand-up setting) and the card she thought of has VANISHED!   

Front and back of each card is seen during the process, and no cards need to be held doubled or stuck together etc.   This is an oldie, but a REALLY goodie, and visible from a club stage, or can be done close-up. Get this!

Brand new, with instructions.

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Parade of Kings -- JUMBO SIZE
This is a great quickie, which does not get that much play anymore, as most magicians have opted to go with the new version by Goldstein called B'wave.  But despite the impact of B'waves blank card finish, there is something a bit strange about blank cards to the lay audience.  I actually prefer the purer effect of the original Parade of Kings.  Spectator is asked to name any King (Clubs, hearts, Spades or Diamonds -- not Henry the Eighth), and although there is no force, you remove a packet of four jumbo cards from an envelope and fan them.  One king is face-up among the facedown packet.  It matches the suit selected by the spectator.  For a kicker (to prove that you simply did not turn it over faster than the eye could see as you removed the cards from the envelope), you show its back to be a completely different color!!  Effect takes about 30 seconds and makes a good segue from magic tricks to a heavy mentalism item, which would follow this quick effect nicely.  Cards are laminated for years of use with no wear and tear!
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