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Z-fold card wallet -- small vinyl

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Save: $1.00
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Qty: 1   

Here is an inexpensive vinyl Z-fold wallet.  Yeah, it's not leather, but it still looks good, and it's a great switching device, for any flat object up to the size of a Poker size playing card.   Can be used to magically print a business card, or for an easy card to wallet without palming (using the old torn corner ruse).  I use it to have multiple outs for a prediction, and also to switch out ungimmicked packet of cards at the end of a gaffed packet trick -- put the gaffed packet in the wallet, and then (as an afterthought) open the wallet and take out the (ungimmicked) cards for examination.   Great for changing folded bills also.

The other very practical use, though not magical, for this handy little wallet is that it has four easily accessible pockets, so you can carry your four favorite packet effects in a single wallet and get to them instantly without fumbling. Table hoppers rejoice!

This is a great bargain, and something you will use a lot...   Buy a couple!

Comes with instructions for a few different routines and uses, but you'll think of lots more.


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