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Crystal Cube Revelation

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This is a nice set of props to do the classic revelation of a chosen or thought of item in a clear "crystal" (plexi) cube. A crystal cube is better than a crystal ball, because it won't roll away when you aren't looking! A 3/4 inch cube is shown and spectators are allowed to look through it, seeing it completely empty and clear. Then you can have a spectator look into the cube and reveal the name of a previously chosen card, or a secret thought known only to another spectator. The cube could again be shown to be clear and empty to all the spectators. No switch is needed, though a second ungimmicked cube is included to allow for an easy switch and comlete examination if you want. Comes with many different cards and thoughts to be revealed, including ESP symbols, and common psychological force targets. A nice bargain that you will use alot!

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