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Spirit Card on Mirror -- image appears on signed mirror

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Online Price

Save: $2.00
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The weird part about this is that the spectator signs the mirror with Listo marking pencil, and the image of their chosen card appears UNDER their signature...

A mirror is shown to be "normal" and free of images (other than what it reflects, of course).   Spectator signs the face of the mirror.    A card is selected, and when the mirror is shown again, the image of the selected card is on the mirror and the spectator's signature is still there.

Stronger than the typical spirit slate routine, and the mirror seems a bit more like an everyday item than a small slate.   Takes some practice to ditch the gimmick, but the effect's impact is worth it! (If you know the classic Johnson effect Impress-X, this works a little bit like that.    I have modified the gimmick a bit on mine to be more like Impress-X gimmick, which makes it much easier. Happy to explain to the buyer!)     Mirror is about 3"x4.5" in size.

No longer available, this item is now hard to find.  Your search is over, because you can get it here!    New and unused, with instructions.

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Related Products

Ghostwriter -- TENYO T-125
From Tenyo's 1986 line-up, GHOSTWRITER (T-125) is a nice set of close-up spirit slates with a funny card revelation routine.

The slates are shown blank -- they are heavy duty plastic and use a grease pencil for easy writing and clean-up. Put the slates together with an unseen chosen (no force) card in the middle. (I like to wrap them in my Haunted hank with the pencil, and have a bit of ghostly writing as the hanky rises and falls...but that part is not included. Use your own haunted hanky.) When the slates are opened, the card is seen to be the 10 of hearts and the slate says: "The name of the card is the ace of clubs". Well, apparently the spirits were wrong, but rubbing off the slate, only some of the letters erase, leaving "TEN OF HEARTS". Good entertaining magic.

 The slates are limited to this routine, because the TEN OF HEARTS" revelation is permanently on the slate.   But it is a great routine for the slates anyway!   

Now 35 years after it was released, and about 25+ years since Tenyo discontinued it, Ghostwriter has become extremely hard to find.  Recent online searches for the item only turn up a few sales from about 8 years ago.   Very hard to find, and here is one still sealed in its original packaging!

(The photo with the props out of package is a shot of my own personal (opened) Ghostwriter, so you could see a bit more of what it looks like -- but the one for sale is sealed in the package.)

Get this very collectible and coveted Tenyo item here, sealed and new!

Old inventory from an ex-dealer, it is sealed in the original package -- the package is very clean and unmarked, but does have some warping to it -- see the photos.

TMGS Price:

Qty: 1   

Four Queens (like Twisted Sister and B`wave, only better!)

This is a great version of the B'wave effect, but there is no need to force a suit via equivoque, and there is no extra sleight of hand.
The effect is this: a small card wallet is shown and placed on the table in full view. A spectator is asked to name any Queen, no force or influence on which suit she chooses. The case is picked up, and a packet of four cards is removed. the chosen queen is face up among the face down cards, and then is shown to have a different color back. And to finish off the mind-blowing experience, the other three cards are shown to be blanks! The card they freely chose is the only queen in the packet. The addition of the special card wallet, which is simply, but deceptively gaffed, does the dirty work! And if you know the twisted sisters routine, you can do it with this set also, plus the wallet can be used to switch small packets. Boy, you get it all here!!

Only one of this excellent set left!  No longer available from the manufacturer, so get it now if you want it!  

Save: $3.00
TMGS Price:

Qty: 1   

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