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Fire Fan

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This is a well made trick, which is important when dealing with FIRE! The fan is metal, with metal chains linking the fan together. The effect is this: the magician produces a flaming torch from beneath a foulard. After the first round of applause from the audience, the torch instantly fans out into five flaming torches in a fan! I play it for comedy when doing a kid show, acting like the fire is unexpected, and then when it fans out, acting like it is getting out of control -- magician in trouble syndrome, whichwe all know the kids LOVE! The ignition mechanism is very simple and practical. This item gets a great audience reaction, because of the obvious danger involved in working with fire. (WHILE THIS ITEM IS PERFECTLY SAFE WHEN HANDLED CORRECTLY, IT CAN BE DANGEROUS, AND SO WILL NOT BE SOLD TO ANYONE UNDER 21 YEARS OF AGE. TMGS cannot assume responsibility for any injury or damage that may result from improper use of this prop.)

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