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Fire Can -- flame and liquid magic

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I think this effect was created by UF Grant -- might be wrong about that...   Anyway, it is a very flashy (literally) piece of magic, now currently being made by Sam Dalal's magic factory.   

 If you are familiar with the Foo Can principle, imagine a foo can that also holds a load of silks, and has a sort of dove pan fire effect built in also!    

Since that probably made no is what it does:     a match is tossed into can and flames begin to burn up and out of the can.     The magician puts the lid on the can to extinguish the fire, and when he takes the lid off, he pours water or other liquid from the can. (I like to use three small glasses, each with a drop of food color in it, so that I pour three different colored liquids from the can.)    The liquid is then poured back into the can, and after a magic pass, dry silks (to match my three colored liquids) are taken from the can.

Entirely self-contained, this is a lot of magic in one little can! (about 7' tall).    Brand new with instructions.

 It involves fire, so DO NOT order this if you are under 18 years of age, either chronologically or psychologically!   It is perfectly safe when used carefully and as directed, but I can't be responsible for any problems resulting from misuse.   (If you can use a dove pan safely, you can use this.)

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