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Rope with Four ends

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I'm not 100% sure who invented this one...(I think it was the genius, U.F. Grant).   Tenyo put out a version called "2 into 1 rope" in the 1970's.  This is the same thing, but made with nice heavy yellow cotton rope.  

The effect:  you show a long rope and a short rope in your hand, then stretch them to be equal length, then in a flash, the two ropes visibly melt into one long rope!

 The instructions continue the routine with tying a knot in the rope and suddenly there are three knots, but I feel that part is anti-climatic...I just finish with the long rope and put it away.

Can't be examined, but it is not meant to be a highlight of the show...just a quick bit of magic to add to overall impact of the show.    It is easy to do, self-contained, and something you will use for those times you need a fast and surprising piece of visual magic.

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