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Liquid Penetration - visible separation and penetration

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Regular Retail: $24.95
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A personal favorite of mine, since it fooled the heck out of me when I first started in magic.   The effect is one of the most visual liquid effects available, right up there with the Airborne glass trick, or the Sands of the Desert.

In this one, three glasses (made of plastic) are shown and stacked up.  Red, Yellow, and Blue liquids are also shown and as magi pours each liquid in the top glass of the stack, the liquid goes down through, into a different glass. The blue liquid stays in the top glass, then the red is poured and goes all the way down to the bottom glass. The yellow is poured and penetrates the top glass only to fill the middle glass.

You supply liquids, food coloring, and pitchers to pour with...we'll supply the very special glasses! They look a little short in the small picture, but they are nicely proportioned, ordinary glasses, about 5.5" tall.

Brand new with instructions.

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