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Funny Photos -- Pride and Joy & The Kids (2 of each)

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Okay, you know these are about the oldest, corniest, goofiest gags ever to hit the magic world, but laymen still crack up, or groan, or both when you use them. I find that using both in conjunction with each other makes the laughter, or groan, more than twice as powerful! You ask if someone wants to see a picture of your "kids" and you show them a picture of two baby goats! As they are reeling from that comedy classic, you add "No, really, here's a real picture of my little pride and joy". Then you show them the second Pride and Joy bottles picture. Even though these products are not that common anymore, the gag plays well, especially after showing the "Kids" card.   You get four cards -- two of each gag.

These are original Lee Jacobs printed cards -- not recent lesser quality reprints!

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