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Card Navigator (Tricks, Co. Ltd)

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From Tricks, Co in Japan, a very clever card revelation. The spectator cuts about a third of the cards from the red backed deck, shuffles them, and memorizes a card. Magician is not holding cards, and in fact can be looking away through this absolutely free selection process. Spectator shuffles packet and drops on top of rest of deck. While magi's back is turned, spectator moves the same number of cards (from top of deck to bottom) as the value of his mentally selected card. Magician then turns back around, and shows an invisible blue back card. He tosses this into the deck. The deck is spread and the blue back card now is visible, the red card right next to it is the spectators freely thought of card. Another version has the blue back card end up being the spectators card!

Other than the slightly hokey but necessary movement of cards from top to bottom (which you cover by saying it will help the spectator remember his card, and will allow other spectators to know the value of the thought of card)...other than that one imperfection, this is a masterpiece of freely handled card conjuring.

No longer available from Tricks Co, I have a couple left!

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