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Double Shocking (Tricks, Co) -- very good condition

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From Tricks Co. Ltd's 1976 "Original Magic Series", DOUBLE SHOCKING was one of the tricks that turned me on to Tricks Co. way back in the 1970s.  I saw it demo'd for me in a magic store, and it fooled the heck out of me.  Of course, when I bought it, I did not feel so bad, since it uses a very clever and bold method.  (Of course, I later learned that clever and bold was typical of most Tricks Co magic.)

 Effect is a real fooler:    A jumbo King of Spades is shown between two black heavy-paper boards.   A small Seven of Hearts is passed beneath the boards and changes to a King of Spades, and of course, the jumbo card is now an examinable Seven of Hearts.   Not only do the cards change places, but they change SIZE also!    Double Shocking! (Or as the error-prone translated instructions say: "Doble Shoking")

This is a great collectors items, and also a very good trick!   Very hard to find now, especially complete and in in good condition.  This one does have a couple of minor condition issues, so read the below carefully.

this item is from new-old dealer inventory, so not really "used".  But it does have some minor shopwear on the package, and the small cards have some brown staining around the edges where some adhesive tape (used to make the original gimmick) has bled.   Also one of the large black cards has a couple creases at one edge, I think where it may have been clamped by a paper clip.

Note: once you know the workings of this effect, you could easily construct it from Bicycle cards and the new Bicycle Jumbos -- so you could perform it with those, and save this original Tricks Co set for your collection.



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