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Fortune Telling Fish (20 of `em)

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People love this silly novelty, especially kids, but lots of fun for women also. Men act like they don't care about it, but they do, too!

It is a piece of very thin fish shaped cellophane, that when held in the palm of a human hand, curls in unpredictable ways.   The shape of the curling is read as the person's fortune.  Because it begins to curl, wiggling and moving, in the spectator's hand, they get a slightly magical kick out of it.

The plastic "envelope"  that holds the fish has notes on how to interpret the movement of the fish.   (It also keeps it safe for future uses on other people who want to have their fishy fortune told).    

Best to give 'em away (or sell 'em!) as souvenirs, which is why we offer a school of TWENTY fortune telling fish as one lot.    Price for 20 fish.

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