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Rabbit Duck silk (self-contained gimmick)

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Nice 21" picture silk with a built in routine: 
first show the silk and explain it has a picture of a duck. 
All magicians first have to work with ducks before they can work with rabbits...its in the duck union rules. 
But with just a shake of the silk, the duck is now a rabbit. 

Even if the audience knows the rabbit is just the duck turned sideways, they will marvel at how you turned the silk so quickly, without letting go of any corners! 
Fun interlude between heavier fare. 

This version of the trick is self contained, (no hook ups to reels, etc), as the necessary gimmick is built right into the silk.  But because the gimmick is so lightweight and invisible, the silk can be handled much like any other silk.

The silk is high quality with a bright colored border around the Rabbit/Duck picture.

Brand new and unused, with instructions.  

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