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Mismade Flag -- Deluxe set 100% silk

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Some effects just never lose their audience appeal, and the Mismade Flag is one of them! The audience (especially the kids!) love to see the magi in trouble, and when the attempt to make the US Flag goes astray, the audience eats it up! Red, white and blue silks are shown, and given to a kid helper from the audience. The magi takes the red one, and the white one, and puts them in his favorite change bag (not included, but take you can make one out of a couple paper bags if need be...), but forgets to get the blue silk. When the magic is done, the magician pulls a flag from the change bag, but it has no blue field of stars! He blames the kid, of course, and tries again. This time he puts the blue silk in, and then the red and white flag, saying "That should do it for the old blue, white and red." But flag comes out with blue stripes instead of red. Putting it back in bag, he says "I mean red white and blue!" And he finishes with a proper US flag in all its red white and blue glory!! Applause guarantee included :-) These flags are 13" x 18"

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