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Middle Diddle Jumping Silk

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An easy to do, easy to pack, very visual effect, with a "sucker" angle -- more practical than the Acrobatic silks, but similar effect.

A plaque with three holes in it is shown, and a silk is placed through the side hole on the yellow side of the plaque. The plaque is passed behind the magi's back, and the silk has seemingly jumped across to the hole on the other (red) side of the plaque.   Repeat a few times, until audience is groaning or yelling about you simply turning the plaque around.    You put these notions to rest, when the silk suddenly and visibly jumps into the middle hole!

Takes a bit of practice, but not hard to do -- you just need to get "the timing" down when you shake the plaque to make the silk jump.

Includes plaque and silk, and full instructions.

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