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Fresh Fish Sold Here (14 pieces)

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A torn and restored paper routine with a funny and LOGICAL story to go with it! That is why Fresh Fish is a classic of magic! Magician shows a strip of yellow paper, about 2" x 20", with the words "FRESH FISH SOLD HERE" printed in big black letters. The story goes that a wise guy magician saw the fish monger putting up the sign, and said that all fish is fresh so that word was unnesccessary. Suiting action to words, the magician tears the word FRESH off of the strip. The story continues that the magician points out that of course the fish is not sold across town...the word HERE is not needed, and it too is torn off the paper. Next the word FISH is eliminated, because obviously it is a fish store, so the paper is left with just the word SOLD. Well, that makes no sense at all to put a sign saying SOLD up in your window, the magician told the fishmonger. To save the day, the magician restores the sign to its original state: a long strip of paper saying FRESH FISH SOLD HERE! Very entertaining magic that is enjoyed by kids and adults alike. You get 12 Fresh Fish papers. At this low price, you might as well stock up!

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