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Haunted Matchboxes (Royal Magic)

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Here's a good one for carrying around in your coat pocket. Two matchboxes are shown and the drawers are slid completely out to show they are empty. The drawers are replaced, and the boxes placed end to end, with one box closed, and the other open. Pushing the open box shut caused the other box to open. Repeat this by pushing the newly opened box closed, and the other one opens. Put a playing card or business card between the boxes, but the effect still happens -- one opens as the other closes. Turn one box on end and place it on top of the the other...still they open and closed in opposition to each other. Hold the boxes betwen the fingers of your hand, clearly separate, but as you close one, the other opens. Finally, place the boxes back-to-back, and close them both. Put them back in your pocket as the audience applauds. Easy, and effective

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