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Drop Out / No Drop Out set

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This is one of my favorite simple tricks. More of a puzzle, but if you keep one on your desk at work, or coffee table, it is a great icebreaker for other magic. 

A tiny bottle-shaped piece of blue plastic is shown. (Very hard plastic).    In its side is a depression into which a small steel ball bearing fits.    When the ball is put into the depression, the magi can turn the bottle with that side downwards, but the bead does not drop out -- hence, the name!   The spectator tries and the bead always falls. But the magician can make it stay every time. 

The great part about this set is that you get two drop out bottles and beads, so you can do a "Do As I Do" type routine with the spectator, and switch bottles and or ball bearings with him at any time. (The props are not gimmicked!)    The spectator's lack of success at trying to make the ball stay in the hole despite the switching of the props really heightens the mystery and entertainment. 

Another option is to use the extra set to make a permanent No drop out for a finish where the ball is permanently stuck in the hole!!    Just glue it in and switch this secretly for the other one after doing the standard drop out routine. 

Because it is an odd looking thing, Drop Out usually prompts questions from those who see it.   After showing the strange properties it possesses in only your hands, the door is open to show a few more heavy-weight closeup miracles.

   Brand new and unused, with instructions.    (The poker-sized deck of cards in the photo is only there for scale, it is not included or needed for the effect.)

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