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Ring Flite

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Effects with borrowed objects are always intriguing to the lay audience, especially if the object is valuable (like a ring). When the valuable ring vanishes from the magician's hand (incredibly cleanly, I might add -- nothing tricky...just put it in the hand and when the hand opens, it's gone!), this piques the audience's attention, particularly the one who loaned the ring! Magician can't find the ring, but explains he will pay for it -- only problem: his wallet's in the car. So he takes his car keys out (in a nice leather key case) and as he looks for the key to his car, it is seen that the borrowed ring is hooked to a holder in the key case! Before it is removed, the relieved lender verifies that it is in fact her ring. Takes practice, but not as hard to do as the awesome effect would imply.

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