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Pom Pom Stick

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One of the effects I perform in every show (with a patter line about a wonder that has never been explained, and I show it to all my audiences in hopes they may unlock the eternal mystery..."not this show, I guess!")


You know the effect: a bamboo stick with strings through each end is shown. On the strings are Pom Poms of different colors. Pulling on the strings causes the pom poms to rise and fall in the most unexpected fashion.  Pull the red, and the yellow goes up.  Pull the yellow and the green goes up.  Pull the red and the blue goes up, pull the blue and the green goes up, etc etc etc.  Go on with this as long as you like, in an apparently infinitie number of different connections.

It looks like real magic...or at least the laws of science gone crazy for a moment.


This version of this classic trick (which was invented by zany British magicican, Ali Bongo) does not have all the fancy bells and whistles of some versions (like where the stick comes apart in the middle). But you know what?  It plays just as strong to laymen, and in fact is much easier and practical.


Stick is about 10" long, so it works great for close-up as well as parlor and stage shows.  I tuck it into my back pant's pocket when table hopping.  very convenient and always ready to go without any re-setting!

Brand new with instructions.

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