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Himber Ring (GOLDEN) -- three borrowed rings link

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 The effect is straight-forward and amazing.  The ultimate routine (popularized by Al Koran and Kreskin) has three borrowed rings linking together.  Magi borrows three rings from members of the audience and proceeds to link them into a chain of three rings!  These are hung from a pencil, and shown to each person who lent a ring  -- the spectators verify that their ring is linked to the others!   The rings are (of course) magically unlinked and returned (unharmed) to the lenders.

Tis is the effect that has been used by so many top-professionals, notably Billy McComb, Richard Osterlind, Bruce Cervon.  

A simpler alternative routine (where you link your wedding band to one borrowed ring) is also strong magic.  And always ready to perform, because you can wear the ring until you've got an audience.  

The three ring link is really the way to go, and takes practice, nerve, and also a stand-up venue -- it is not for close-up work.    But as a close-up quickie, the linking and unlinking of your "wedding band" to a spectator's ring is very impressive.   The instructions detail the three ring routine, and you will easily figure out how to adapt this for a single ring linking.

Nice looking ring -- well made, and gimmickry is well-disguised.  Will stand up toexamination BEFORE the effect.  This set also includes a matching ungimmicked ring in case you want to do a simple switch and allow examination after the effect.

Brand new with instructions.

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