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Chop Cup -- mini plastic

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I love this little chop cup, because it is made of strong black plastic, which makes the gimmick method seem even less likely!    Those who have bought from me in the past know that I am not an elitist when it comes to plastic magic props, AS LONG AS THEY ARE GREAT QUALITY!    This one fits the bill perfectly.   It is solidly made, yet lightweight and entirely examinable, just like more expensive aluminum and brass chop cups.

The effect for those who do not know it: a ball repeatedly vanishes and appears beneath a cup in the cleanest possible ways! At the end, a larger ball, like a sponge ball, or golf ball, etc makes an appearance. The Chop cup is a Magical Classic, and this set is not only an excellent way to learn it, but a cup you will use for a long time.

I shelved my nice spun aluminum chrome mini chop cup in favor of this one, because I think this set is easier to use, and more readily accepted by audiences as "normal".    Cup is just under three inches tall, and comes with two crochet balls. Use any larger ball (that fits in cup) for final load.


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Pentro Penny

Besides Magic Monte (which gets my vote for #1 Royal magic trick ever), this would be the best trick ever to come out of Royal Magic.   So I guess it is second best.   I learned it twenty years ago, and I still fool people (including magicians) with it.

A matchbox is opened and three matches removed. These are formed into a triangle on the table. A penny is placed in the triangle, and the closed matchbox is placed on top of the matches and penny. When the box is lifted, the penny is gone. The drawer is opened, and the penny is inside.

An absolutley marvelous gimmick leaves you completely clean at the end -- fooling those expecting a penny to be stuck to the bottom of the box.   Trust me!   This is good!    If you want to shrink the penny, instead of making it vanish, you can get the teeny tiny pennies from me (see elsewhere in TMGS Money Magic section --  Set of 8 Teeny Pennies).

TMGS Price:

Qty: 1   

Petrick`s Die-Namic -- Signature series (out of package)

One of Petrick's cube effects, this one is the BEST in the Signature series line-up, in my opinion.

 The effect is very puzzling: a large die is examined and then is placed into a box (also examined) which has holes through all sides, a la Sword Box Illusion. The lid is shut, and the die is filling the entire box. Now cocktail swords are stuck in the holes and out the other side of the box. Four swords are shoved through, penetrating the die. But when the swords are removed, the box is opened and the die is completely intact and unharmed!

This is really good.

Complete, brand new, with original DVD instructions -- but NO original packaging.

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Qty: 1   

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