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Cups and Balls set (Large Brass)

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Save: $20.04
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This is the effect that started it all... The cups and balls, but in a larger than average size -- these cups are 3" in diameter at the mouth, and 4" tall.   This increases the visibility, and the larger size, when coupled with the brass composition of the cups makes for an impressive display indeed!   If you do large final loads, they can really be large with these cups!

The three cups come complete with four crochet balls, and a knit carrying bag that can also be incorporated into the routine, (ala Larry Jennings' Chop routine if you like).  The 14 page booklet that comes with the set teaches a simple non-sleight routine, plus an advanced routine with all the classic phases and climax loads.

IMPORTANT -- although this Cups and Balls set is "new" (i.e. never previously sold or used), the cups so show some darker discoloration spots and streaks on the brass.  I do not think this will buff out or come off with brass polish, but rather is a permanent "patina".   I tried to show an example of the dark spots/streaks in the close-up photo.   Yes, it does detract from the beauty of the cups, but also gives them an older "antique" look, so for a lay audience, it does not really detract from the impressive impact these big cups have.

This set of cups and balls normally sells for about $65, but because of the darkened spots on the cups, I will price this set much lower.

(The deck of cards in the photo is just there so you get a quick sense of size scale for these big cups -- the cards are not needed for the trick, and are not included, of course)


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Chop Cups and Balls set
This is the effect that started it all... The cups and balls, updated to include one chop cup, so that many, many more amazing phases can be added to the routine.

 The cups are nicely spun from aluminum, and come complete with ONE magnetic ball and FIVE regular balls.  (So you get 1-2 extra regular balls compared to many Chop Cup and Balls sets).  In addition, there is one extra big pom pom ball.     Of course, you can use anything -- fruit, rubber balls, chicks -- for your final loads.

 Includes two 15 page booklets on the Cups and Balls, and a carrying bag that can also be used in the routine.  (The bag may be different color and fabric than shown in the picture.)

 Brand new and unused, with instructions.

Save: $5.00
TMGS Price:

Qty: 1   

Ring Casket -- brass DELUXE

I love brass magic apparatus. It looks so great, and this piece is precision made, examinable, and will fool your audience! The ring Casket is along the lines of the Bill Tube effect, but the working is easier, and the casket itself is a little less odd looking than the Bill Tube -- in other words, the Bill Tube is obviously magic apparatus, but the Casket has a more innocent appearance of a small brass container or possibly a ring box.

The effect: a borrowed ring is wrapped in a hanky, and given to the spectator to hold. The magician brings out a sealed brass box, which is placed on the table. The ring is caused to vanish from the hanky, and when the spectator unscrews the lid of the box (which takes some time as there are a lot of threads!), the ring is found inside.

 The box can be minutely examined. The gimmick on this model is much more clever and deceptive than on many lower priced Ring Caskets -- the others are good, but this one is GREAT!    (see related items for the econo design casket that we also sell)

 The box is easier to load and close than a Bill Tube, and the borrowed ring makes the effect more personal than the bill tube in my opinion. Great close-up magic!   
TMGS Price:

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