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Sidewalk Queens Monte (Jumbo) -- vintage 1990s

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This one is very similar in effect to Martin Lewis' great Sidewalk Shuffle, though the method (while also similar) is different, using three Ten of Spade cards and one Queen of Hearts.   The stronger contrast between the black tens and the red Queen makes the effect stronger than with the blanks and Ace in the Lewis effect;  but this one requires a bit more care in performing to avoid flashing anything.   That said, it is not particularly difficult to do after a bit of practice.

This trick was named "Enchanted Queens" by the maker (Sam Dalal's Magic factory), but I prefer to call it Sidewalk Queens Monte, as an homage to Lewis' great effect (and so that I remember that it is a a nice variation of that one!)    It has not been available for over 20 years, but I unearthed a few in some ex-dealer inventory, so here's your chance to get one.  

EFFECT:  You show three tens and a queen, (jumbo 5x7 inch cards), and place a ten aside. The queen is mixed into the other two cards, and vanishes to appear on the table (where the extra ten was supposed to be).  Repeat this, and for the finish, the cards change to three queens and one ten.   Very clean displays front and back make this particularly mysterious.

Although these sets have never been previously owned -- from "new-old" dealer inventory -- they are over two decades old, and the cards show some browning discoloration.  This is even overall, so does not look "bad", just makes the cards appear "old" (which they are, I guess!)   The cards are plastic coated cards, which helps with durability, but means you need to practice a bit more to get the handling down, to do doubles and Elmsley counts with this stock if you are used to "regular" card stock.  But they handle well, especially considering their age.

NOTE:  the poker size Bicycle deck shown in the photo is not included, nor is it needed for the trick.  It is only shown so you quickly can see that these are Jumbo cards.

New-old inventory, never used, with original instructions.

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Sidewalk shuffle JUMBO (original Haines)

Quite possibly the BEST magical monte type routine ever devised, Martin Lewis' Sidewalk Shuffle came out in the early 1970's and Haines House of Cards still produces and sells it.  Why?  Because it is quite possibly the BEST magical monte routine ever devised.

I remember (as a young 13 or 14 year old magician) watching the demonstrator at Ripley's Believe it Not magic shop, Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco -- he showed four jumbo cards very cleanly.  I could see that three were obviously blank, and one was an Ace of Clubs.  The Ace kept changing places with a blank card he had set aside on the table.  And then, when I started to think he must somehow have two Aces, he laid the tricks amazing climax on me.  He cleanly showed that the four cards consisted of only one blank and THREE aces!

I knew at that moment that I wanted to become a magician who could do tricks that cool!

Only four cards used, nothing added or taken away.  Cards cannot be examined, but the handling is so clean, so up-front, that the cards seem above suspicion.

This is an older set (circa late 1980's or early 1990's)  -- please read the following notes on the condition

CONDITION NOTES:    previously owned but in excellent condition.  Appears unused, though there is a VERY SMALL "dent" on the Ace card near the index pip -- you will not notice it, except now I told you.  (In the photo it is near the edge under the upper index pip on the right-hand Ace, but you really can't see it.  That's how small it is!)    ALSO, the blank card is slightly different shade from the background on the Ace cards -- in natural sunlight you can see it, but inside under artificial lighting, you cannot see the difference.       Instruction sheet is a photocopy of the original Haines instructions

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Jumbo Ghost Card routine

Great version of the Princess card trick, with a kicker finish.   Originally invented by Burling Hull, this recent set is beautifully printed on jumbo 4x6.5 inch cards by SPS Magic.  (Samuel Patrick Smith's magic company).

A fan of JUMBO cards is shown, and spectator thinks of one of them.    After a magical pass and a magical incantation, the cards are dealt one at a time into the spectator's hand, (or stood up against glasses in a stand-up setting) and the card she thought of has VANISHED!   

Front and back of each card is seen during the process, and no cards need to be held doubled or stuck together etc.   This is an oldie, but a REALLY goodie, and visible from a club stage, or can be done close-up. Get this!

Brand new, with instructions.

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Qty: 1   

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