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Gourmet Mouse -- original E&W version

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This packet trick was originally put out by Larry West and Arthur Emerson in the 1970's.   At that time, E&W was producing so many packet tricks that it seemed like they would make a trick for any pictures they could print on a packet of playing cards.  Gourmet Mouse was a story of a mouse, his cheese and a cat, so I reserve this one strictly for kids, since I personally think that when packet tricks started putting cartoon drawings on the cards, they took a good thing a little too far.   

But for kids, this is good magic:    in a nutshell, a card with a mouse and a card with a cheese are shown. The cheese turns into cheesecake and the when the mouse is shown again, their is a fat cat licking its chops!   

 This is brand new, even though it is from original Emerson and west production back in the 1970's. Collector alert!

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Kidz Kardz -- crayon deck to normal deck!
Fun item, especially when table hopping for group of parents and kids.  But it is strong enough magic that you can do it for just Adults too.   Magi shows a deck of cards that were apparently created by a class of school children, with each card drawn with coloring crayons.  Even the backs of the cards are scribbled with various designs (using the term loosely!)   A card is freely selected, and magically, it becomes a normal (regularly printed) card.  Then the entire deck does, front and back.  A normal card is peeked at by a spectator (no force), and very fairly revealed by the magician.  Then to finish the entire deck turns back to Kid designed Kards!  If you can imagine a the mental photography deck, using Kids Kard designs instead of blanks, and then adding in a neat marking system on the backs of the regualr cards, you will know that this is a very interesting and special deck.  You will enjoy performing it!
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