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Aces Galore

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Fast and visual Jumbo card effect, in which the Ace through Five of Hearts turn into Four Aces. The Ace through Five are shown, in order and the outside cards (the Ace of Hearts and Five of Hearts) are turned facedown. The fan is closed, and when opened, the other three cards are also now facedown. The entire fan is turned around, and the cards are now Aces. Full face of the five cards are seen for a very convincing and baffling finish.

These jumbo cards are printed on a bit lighter weight stock than US Playing Card jumbos, and so they handle best if you use a little fanning powder on 'em. (I put some powder on them for you...  I'm just such a nice guy!)

This is a puzzler that will leave your audience scratching their heads in wonder!

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Wild Card Exotic Faces (Bicycle Back; poker size)

The Wild Card effect is probably the greatest packet effect ever... Certainly it proved that a small packet of cards could be used to devastate (and entertain) an audience.   Whether you give the inventing credit to Peter Kane, or to Frank Garcia, the trick remains an almost perfect demonstration of close-up card magic:     eight jokers are shown, and one queen. The jokers are visually turned into queens until all nine cards are now queens!

This set was printed in India, hence the very exotic look of the queens and the very flamboyant Joker design.  The backs are the familiar Bicycle Rider design (though to be clear, these cards are not printed by the US Playing Card Company).     The card quality is not as good as cards from USPCC, but they are nicely printed, and they do handle well for any of the standard sleights used in Wild Card routines.  

 If you do Wild Card, you will like this set that adds a very different and exotic look!   If you don't do Wild Card yet, you should start doing it soon!   Might as well get this set now, as you will want it later, after Wild Card is one of your favorite card effects.

No longer made, this is a new and unused set from about 1990.  Only one of these in stock in Poker size.  

TMGS Price:

Qty: 1   

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