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EMERSON, Tell-Tale Timepiece (1982, 1st ed)

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By Arthur Emerson. First edition. 1982. Nearly Mint condition.  (just an eraser smudge on title page)

This booklet details an amazing effect, with a bold method that will scare off most performers. But those who try it, will see that it has a killler impact on the audience.    A BORROWED watch is held by a spectator under a handkerchief.     Performer does not need to have even touched the watch yet.     A few other spectators call out parts of a specific time, one calling out any hour, and the other calling out any minutes. The two are put together, and the time is written down, for example 11:45.    The performer reaches beneath the handkerchief, and immediately brings the watch out asking the the spectator who was holding it to read the time he sees on the face.    The spectator reads 11:45.

It happens exactly like I just described it.    If you buy this rare booklet, you will probably think "No way can that work" when you read the method.    But it will if you try it!     As good now as it was 35 years ago when this book was realeased.

BONUS:  in addition to Emerson's excellent routine, this booklet provides an in-depth lesson on creating, routining, and strengthening other magic effects.  Emerson talks about this in his introduction, that his intent with the booklet is not just to teach the Tell-Tale Timepiece routine, but also to help magicians (who are serious about the Art) to see how much detail and thought should go into any presentation. 

Nearly impossible to find this booklet now, forty years after it came out, but here it is in near Mint condition, as issued with special "gimmicks" needed to perform

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