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Think of an Ace (Nick Trost) -- very rare

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Early Nick Trost packet effect, circa 1974, where any ace named by spectator is facing the opposite way from the others.  

It looks like this:  the magician shows a facedown packet of cards.  The spectator names any suit of the four aces.   The packet is immediatly spread to show the four card fan, with only one card facing the opposite way from the others, and it is the named suit.   No force or equivoque -- only four cards are used, but because of Trost's masterful use of clever gimmicked cards, the handling is sleight-free, and also very clean, with no suspicious moves or displacements, etc.

This packet trick from Trost came out at about the same time as his great gaffed version of Twisting The Aces.   I think the effect of "Think of an Ace" is not as strong as "Twisting", but only because it is so quick.  The spectator names the Ace, and you show it to be reversed.   Think of an Ace is a quickie prediction that leads the audience to want to see some more mental magic.   In that respect, it is a great opening effect.    

In my experience, I have occasionally come across Trost's version of Twisting -- (about five times in the last 20 years).   But I have rarely come across his Think of an Ace -- this is only the second time I have found one of these.  I do not think Trost/Haines issued as many of this one, and that may be why it is much harder to find now, almost 50 years after it came out.

 This one is in excellent condition, apparently unused, with original instruction sheet.  It does NOT have the original package envelope. 

A collectible and performable mystery!

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