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GOLDSTIEN, CLASSIC TACKLER -- 1st edition 1976

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CLASSIC TACKLER   16 pages STAPLE BOUND, 1976 1st edition, self-published by Goldstein.

 Of course I know that Mr Goldstein had many of his creations previously published in magic periodicals before 1976, but it seems like maybe this was his first "free-standing" book?   He has so many publications that no one has enough time or energy to create a bibliography for him, so I could not check this assumption.   Anyway, Classic Tackler from 1976 was the first free-standing Goldstein booklet that I ever owned, and certainly was a break-through publication in establishing Goldstein as someone from who we other magicians were going to learn a lot!

Classic Tackler contains his handlings of ten classic card effects, like oil and water, four ace assembly, differential, collectors, follow the leader, ambitious card, etc.

I see a well-worn example of this booklet listed online for $40.  Worth it, but I will start bidding much lower for this very nice 1st edition.

previously owned.  this booklet is in very good condition, clean and unmarked inside, no tears.  A spot on the upper corner of the front cover

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