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Telephone Center tear pad (Tannen`s Telephonempathy)

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I came across a few pads of this vintage mentalism item that Tannen's sold in the 1970's and 1980's. 

 It is a telephone dial, with box to write a number in.  (Maybe a bit dated for younger folks who never saw a rotary phone, but the concept is easily explained.  I tell younger spectators that my mother was a telephone operator with uncanny psychic abilities.  Then I show the phone dial and go into the routine.)

Spectator writes their phone number in the box, shows it to other spectators, and folds up the paper. Mentalist tears up paper and burns the thought, then names the number.

Great logical way to get spectator to write the thought in the proper location for the Center tear.  Also a great way to get that attractive somebody's phone number!

Only a few of the available.   You get instructions and one pad of about 40 sheets.   Buy multiple lots because once you start doing this, you will use it alot, and one sheet is destroyed for each performance.

Like new condition, despite being about 30 years old.

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