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Confetti Wand PLUS refills

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A great prop for adding color and excitment to your show.

This wand can be loaded with paper confetti, so when it is waved, a colorful shower of confetti flies through the air.   Kids love it at those birthday shows (and hey, mom has a vacuum cleaner, doesn't she?).    Confetti can be loaded at both ends, so you can repeat the confetti blizzard a second time.     

Wand is a good size (about 14" long and 3/4" diameter) so it shows up well.   Comes with a good supply confetti packets to get you going.     The "confetti" is actually little strips of paper about 1/2 inch wide and abot 1.25 inches long.  So if you use up the confetti provided, you can cut up any lightweight colored paper to size.   But it comes with 36 packets of confetti, so you will have enough to keep the birthday moms' vacuums running for many, many shows!   (You can use one packet for two confetti showerrs, or use an entire packet for each shower if you really want to make a mess...  I mean, make an impression!   

NOTE:  I joke about the mom's and their vacuums, but seriously, you should check with her before using this wand at an indoor "living room" birthday show, as it will require some clean-up afterward.     (But she will enjoy how much fun the kids have when the confetti flies.  They love it!)

The method here is low-tech, no moving parts or exploding propellants -- just simple design coupled with the loaws of inertia and gravity.    The wand is sturdy thick plastic, but hollow, and open on both ends, so you might find some other magical uses for it as well, since it can hold silks or other narrow compressible items


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