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Star Search -- Adults Only version

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Online Price

Original Price: $14.95
TMGS Price:

Qty: 1   

NOTE: ADULT VERSION.  Photo shows a naked woman from the waist up.    

This is an old "Do as I do" card routine, updated and using specially printed (but ungimmicked and examinable) cards, so that it doesn't feel like just another card trick. Spectator is handed a set of five facedown "Star Search" cards, and is told to shuffle them facedown without looking, and is told he will be picking the next big movie star! The performer, meanwhile, also mixes another set of five Star Search cards. The performer explains that if the spectator is somewhat psychic, and does exactly as the performer does, they may both end up with the same Star photo choice. Each places his cards behind his back, or under the table, and takes out any card. This selected card is handed facedown to the other person, who the puts it behind his back, and inserts it faceup into his facedown packet. When the packets are brought forward and spread out, it is seen that both the spectator and the performer have selected a matching actress -- she is naked! (I guess the audition was for next Adult Film Star!) Since the spectator has never seen the faces of the other cards, he is naturally suspicious, and the performer asks "Do you think all the other cards are the same?" The spectator may say yes, or hedge if he is polite, but the performer continues, "Wow, you really are clairvoyant!" Turning all the other cards faceup, it is seen that the all say "The Same" on them.

A nice sucker surprise finish. easy to do and to carry in your shirt pocket!   Resets instantly.

A nice trick FOR THE RIGHT AUDIENCE, and now highly collectible -- this vintage item was put out in 1992 by Rick Safire Productions.  The one I have is "new-old" stock, never used and complete as issued.

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