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Silky Smooth Prediction

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This effect by magician Joe Silkie (hence the goofy name about being Silky Smooth, which sound more like a hair removal product for lady's legs) includes two very useful gaffed cards -- one red backed and one blue backed, so you are all set, regardless of which color deck you use.   The effect is a simple prediction, but the gaffed card (which will be your prediction card) allows for a clean and convincing multiple out.  So you can really play up the fairnes of the choice.

When I first got this trick, I was not so impressed as I am now, because even though the very fair choice aspect can be emphasized, the spectator is only choosing from two possible "final" choices.  But I re-worked my own handling of the routine to extend the spectator's impression that she could really have chosen ANY card.  And now I use this prediction A LOT!   (I will include instructions for my own handling, so you will use this trick and not just decide to stuff it in the drawer of magic you don;t ever use).

As taught in the original (excellent photo-illustrated) instructions, the spectator deals out some cards from a deck, allowing her to deal from top, bttom, middle, etc.  Then she takes those cards and deals them into two piles.  She chooses one pile, and the top card of that pile matches your prediction.  She can look at the other pile's top card, and see it is different.  (All the cards are different -- this is done with your regular deck).   No swicth of chosen card or prediction.  It is... like a well-shaven lady's leg... silky smooth!

My extra bonus instructions extend the routine.  The spectator deals some cards (as in the original) into a pile, and she deals those cards into FIVE piles.  She chooses one of those piles in an ultra-fair manner, and after looking at the other four cards on top of the unchosen piles, the prediction is shown to match only the card she did ultimately choose.

You get both handlings, the original, and my extended version.  Do either one, depending on your performing situation and style.

Brand new, with two specially printed gaffed Bicycle poker cards and my bonus routine.

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