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Rings of smoke

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Excellent Petrick and Mia effect, linking thin cardboard rings very magically. Incredible magic. Version for closeup with 3.5" rings.

This is a set from the time before Petrick began manufacturing the effect in plastic.  I think the cardboard rinds are sooo much more deceptive than the plastic ones, because the decorative details do not instrantly suggest that the ring may have a slit in it -- the newer plastic versions seem to make this obvious with their repeated thin line/stripe across the ring. 

The later versions by Petrick were a bit bigger (at 5 inches) but this set if perfect for close-up and still very visible at close range, which exactly when you want to do this effect.  The closer the audience, the more impressive.

Only one of these in stock.  The newer plastic versions are occasionally still avialble for sale at about $60.  Get this original Rings of Smoke, with its more deceptive design, for less.

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