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Milky Die (Tricks Co Ltd)

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Okay, I admit that this is a strange effect -- logically speaking, a real magician probably would not be pouring real milk into a plexiglas box, and turning that milk into a 3.5" die...But a real magician probably wouldn't be spending his Saturday afternoons doing shows for children's' birthday parties either.    Despite being a weird premise, Tricks, Co Milky Die is a neat piece of magic that gets a great reaction from lay audiences (and magicians, which it also fools!).  

Milky Die uses real liquid, and laymen just can't imagine how a magician could hide real liquid.    Pour some milk into the box, (for kidshows, I make a circle with my thumb and forefinger and hold it against my black coat to "make a spot", and I throw some "spots" in, too). The whole thing is turned over onto your hand, and a large 3.5" die drops out. Instructions say to put the die back in the box, and pour out the milk again...I prefer to just let 'em keep wondering where the darn milk went.

The props match Tricks Co's Universal Die trick if you happen to own that rare item.  But Milky Die also stands on its own, and has become as hard-to-find as Universal Die.  Neither has been produced or available from Tricks Co for about 25-30 years!

Can't help you find a Universal Die, but you can get Milky Die, right here, right now!    In excellent condition, with instruction sheet and original white package box.

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