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Tenyo Magic -- new and old

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Many of these items are no longer made by Tenyo, and are very hard-to-find. Tenyo collectors are snatching up discontinued Tenyo items, so make sure you get what you need here before they are gone!   Items are new and in original package with original instructions UNLESS described otherwise. 

Balloon Illusion -- TENYO T-232 (english package)

TMGS Price: $69.95

Chameleon Silks -- TENYO T-014 (english package)

TMGS Price: $29.95

Coin in Nest -- TENYO T- 073 (no package)

TMGS Price: $27.95

Crazy Spots -- TENYO T-039 (english packaging)

TMGS Price: $21.95

Flying Carpet Tenyo T-251 (must-see 3-d illusion)

TMGS Price: $59.95

Fortune Donut -- TENYO T-231 (english packaging)

TMGS Price: $49.95

Fortune Sticks -- TENYO T-222 (English packaging)

TMGS Price: $99.95

Frame of Destruction -- TENYO T-103 no package

TMGS Price: $64.99

Funnel Vision -- TENYO T-182 (english packaging)

TMGS Price: $39.95

Future Puzzle -- TENYO T-264

Save: $3.00
TMGS Price: $21.95

Magical Door -- T-235 (2009, in english packaging)

TMGS Price: $89.95

Miracle Dowsing Rods -- TENYO T-280

Regular Price: $19.95
Save: $5.00
TMGS Price: $14.95

Mystic Scope -- TENYO T-230 (english packaging)

TMGS Price: $59.95

Occult Board -- TENYO T-066 (no packaging)

TMGS Price: $28.95

Phantoma -- TENYO T-177 (original English package, instructions)

TMGS Price: $39.95

Pillars of Thor -- TENYO T-170

TMGS Price: $24.95

Psychic Money -- TENYO T-248

Save: $8.00
TMGS Price: $21.95

See-thru Card -- TENYO T-077 (like new but stickered)

TMGS Price: $49.95

See-thru Card -- TENYO T-077 (no packaging)

TMGS Price: $27.99

Smart Guillotine Tenyo -- T-281

Save: $4.00
TMGS Price: $12.95

Super Sponge Rabbit T-78 (1976, in package)

Save: $4.00
TMGS Price: $22.95

Tenyo 1995 Demonstration Video (VHS) RARE!

TMGS Price: $34.99

Tenyo 1998 Demo video

TMGS Price: $14.99

Tenyo 2001 Demo video

TMGS Price: $14.99

Tenyo Catalog 1986 -- very good condition

TMGS Price: $59.95

Tenyo Catalog 2001

TMGS Price: $28.95

Third Eye -- TENYO T-248 (Lubor Fiedler)

TMGS Price: $33.95

Time Capsule -- TENYO T- 022 (english packaging)

TMGS Price: $26.95

Whats Next -- TENYO T-28 (original, with package)

TMGS Price: $49.95

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