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Paddle Magic

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Bathing Beauty Paddle

Regular price: $7.95
Save: $3.00
TMGS Price: $4.95

Breathalyzer Paddle -- please perform responsibly

Save: $2.00
TMGS Price: $12.95

Chosen Card Locator Paddle -- silly, but fun and magical

TMGS Price: $10.95

Color changing Paddles (like the Chips!)

TMGS Price: $8.95

Dream Paddle (John Kennedy) -- multiple changes

TMGS Price: $21.95

Golden Hot Rod

Save: $2.00
TMGS Price: $24.95

Ice Cream Schtick (Terry Lagerould) -- original Calif Magic 1995

Save: $2.00
TMGS Price: $14.95

Magic No. 2 Pencil -- anytime visual magic

Save: $1.00
TMGS Price: $8.95

Moving gem paddle -- like classic Crosstown

Save: $1.00
TMGS Price: $5.95

Slip Off Spots -- vintage 1980s

TMGS Price: $29.95

Stop Light Paddle (Ian Adair)

Save: $2.00
TMGS Price: $22.95

Tricky Paddle Rabbit from Hat (1970s, EZ Magic)--THREE of them

Save: $2.00
TMGS Price: $7.95

Vintage Wooden Peg paddle (vintage, Japan)

Save: $1.00
TMGS Price: $3.95

Whiteboard Paddle UPGRADED -- Ian Adair

Save: $1.00
TMGS Price: $18.95

Wonder Signal

TMGS retail: $3.95

Transpotted Paddle -- Ron Frost

TMGS Price: $10.95

Magic Color Wand -- colorful quickie

Save: $1.00
TMGS Price: $3.95

Rabbit in Wallet -- TENYO T-75 (all props, with label)

TMGS Price: $139.95

Tricky Paddles (EZ Magic, 1960s small white, pointy tips)

Save: $2.00
TMGS Price: $22.99

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