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Oct 2020

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AL-Levito (Al O`Hagen) -- close up bottle levitation

Save: $1.00
TMGS Price: $8.95

Brass Ring Escape (Magical Wonders, 2002)

TMGS Price: $44.95

B`wave (econo set) -- includes TMGS handling

Save: $1.00
TMGS Price: $3.95

Tra-Fix Jam -- improved handling of E&W Tra-Fix

Save: $2.00
TMGS Price: $8.95

Half Jack of Clubs MEGA (15x11 inches)

Save: $8.00
TMGS Price: $27.95

52 on 1 JUMBO Bicycle back -- set of 2, plus bonus

Save: $1.00
TMGS Price: $6.95

Four-midable Cards -- torn and restored revelation (25 pcs)

Save: $4.00
TMGS Price: $28.95

Bag to Card Foulard -- giant size! 44" x 44"

Save: $6.00
TMGS Price: $33.95

Die-Chometry (Tricks, Co. Ltd.)

TMGS Price: $79.95

Incredible Die Penetration (Tricks, Co. Ltd. Japan)

TMGS Price: $59.95

Zodiac Sensation (Tricks, Co Japan)

TMGS Price: $119.99

BECKER, World of Super Mentalism

Save: $8.05
TMGS Price: $26.95

HILFORD, Hey Mr. D.J. (1st ed. 2008)

Save: $4.00
TMGS Price: $15.95

HILFORD, Nostrum Necromancy (1st ed. 2005)

Save: $8.00
TMGS Price: $16.95

HILFORD, The Secrets of Dr. Tao. (1st ed. 2008)

Save: $4.00
TMGS Price: $15.95

Giant Novelty Coin-- US Quarter (vintage 1980s --metal)

TMGS Price: $6.95

Giant Novelty Coin--US Ike Dollar (vintage 1980s --metal)

TMGS Price: $6.95

DUSHECK Famous Quotations book -- black cover

TMGS Price: $54.99

KLinK -- Kris Nevling -- impromptu linking cards

Regular Price: $18.95
Save: $7.00
TMGS Price: $11.95

Missing Masterpiece (Magic Works)

TMGS Price: $44.95

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