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May/June 2018

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Dream Paddle (John Kennedy) -- multiple changes

TMGS Price: $21.95

Brass and Silver Washer transpo set

TMGS Price: $9.95

Color Bolt and Bottle escape

Save: $3.00
TMGS Price: $4.95

Perfect PENetration -- pen thru bill

TMGS Price: $3.95

Four Flusher (David Solomon) -- poker packet

TMGS Price: $16.95

Project X -- single deck Premontion-style effect

Save: $9.00
TMGS Price: $19.95

Swiss Pack by David Acer

TMGS Price: $22.99

Card Pip Rubber Band set -- 2 of each suit, plus bonus

Save: $4.00
TMGS Price: $5.95

Card Stab revelation knife -- sharp magic!

Save: $7.00
TMGS Price: $9.95

Perpetual Calendar (Duffie / Colombini)

Save: $1.00
TMGS Price: $18.95

Pocket Card Index -- Q5 model (Pat Page / Corinda)

Save: $2.00
TMGS Price: $13.95

Stick It -- PLUS 50 extra refills (Magic Tao)

Save: $25.00
TMGS Price: $24.95

Transpotted Paddle -- Ron Frost

TMGS Price: $10.95

Wonder Card Magic kit -- beginner`s packet tricks

Save: $2.00
TMGS Price: $2.95

Cloth-covered GIANT Spring Wand

TMGS Price: $19.95

Silk in Apple - gimmicks and DVD instruction

TMGS Price: $18.95

Six Bill Repeat

Save: $1.00
TMGS Price: $6.95

Kreiss Blind Sight -- quality Japanese magic

TMGS Price: $39.95

Mental Die Divination (brass) -- Vincenzo diFatta

TMGS Price: $36.95

New Tarots Divination (like Telepath)

TMGS Price: $14.95

Pro Peek Wallet -- leather, plus extra TMGS tipsheet

Save: $8.00
TMGS Price: $16.95

Psychic Dominoes

TMGS Price: $11.95

Bolted TENYO T-137 (no original package)

TMGS Price: $59.99

TENYO I`m a Magician T-61 (near MINT, minor wear)

TMGS Price: $169.95

Miracle That Happened Twice (Tricks Co, Ltd. Japan)

TMGS Price: $21.95

Open Zig Zag Card -- Jumbo size (Tricks Co. Ltd)

TMGS Price: $49.95

Petrick`s Die-Namic -- Signature series

TMGS Price: $79.95

Petrick`s Die-Namic -- Signature series (out of package)

TMGS Price: $59.95

Tongue Tied (Magic Works) -- with orig. packaging

TMGS Price: $39.99

ANNEMANN, 202 Methods of Forcing

TMGS Price: $7.95

GINN, Close up A-Ginn

TMGS Price: $3.95

RAGSDALE, 50 More Effects with the Blank Wand

TMGS Price: $8.95

SIEGEL, Bar Room Balloons -- naughty doggies

TMGS Price: $16.95

Golden Girls (Copper/Silver with Sac dollar)

TMGS Price: $25.95

PHLYE (3 Fly Half Dollars) -- Chastain Criswell

Save: $45.00
TMGS Price: $179.95

See-thru Coin Purse -- like Limited Ed. Japanese purse

Save: $5.00
TMGS Price: $24.95

Phenomenon Dice --vintage German, 1970s -- wood

TMGS Price: $119.99

Visible Monte -- Gaetan Bloom

TMGS Price: $29.95

Zenith Card Prediction -- vintage Nick Trost

TMGS Price: $19.95

Celebration of Sides (DVD) -- Robert Neale

Save: $9.00
TMGS Price: $15.95

Heiny 500 DVD -- ultra clean Flash Cash handling

Save: $11.00
TMGS Price: $18.95

SAW visible string thru neck (DVD) -- Sean Fields

Save: $18.00
TMGS Price: $6.95

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