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Tricky Paddle Rabbit from Hat (1970s, EZ Magic)--THREE of them

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Who doesn't love paddle tricks?  Such a great move, easy to learn, and yet so deceptive.   And many a magician in my generation got his introduction to paddle magic through one of two tricks:  either the Hot Rod, or the Tricky Paddles.   (Both still fun and entertaining pocket tricks even after 4-5 decades!)

In the early 1960's or late 1950's, EZ magic put out Tricky Paddles -- a set of two small white paddles that each did a different magical change.  But when I first learned the tricky Paddles in the 1970's, the design had been changed to bigger colorful paddles of red and yellow.    The designs of Hat and rabbit (on yellow paddle), and square/circle (on red paddle) continued to be printed directly on the paddle.
By the turn of the 21st century, these large EZ Magic paddles were no longer available, and were eventually replaced by a lower quality, smaller import paddle with a sticker graphic stuck on for the shapes and rabbit in hat.  :-( 

The sets from the 1970s/early 1980s are hard to find these days.     
BUT I did come across some "partial sets" -- that is, just the rabbit and hat paddle.  (Not sure where the Circle/Square paddles went, but let's face it, the rabbit from hat was always the more popular of the two paddles in the Trick paddle set!)

So if you have ever wanted to perform the wonderful Rabbit from Hat paddle that was part of the Tricky Paddles set 40+ years ago, here is your chance.

I am selling these in lots of THREE paddles -- so you can use two of them together, to cause the rabbit to jump from one empty hat to another, or you can have a couple spares to keep this wonderful pocket effect in the pocket of all three of your best suits  :-)     Or sell a couple to your friends at the next magic club meeting -- you can probably make a few bucks when all is said and done!

This is new-old inventory, unearthed in the EZ Magic warehouse when a wall broke to reveal a secret storage area!  (just kidding!).     But the paddles are new and unused.   There was no instruction sheet with the paddles when they were found, so I am providing a photocopy of the original Tricky Paddles instructions card.   

Whether you want this for the nostalgic memories, or want these paddles for your vintage magic collection, or want them for your performing repertoire, one thing is clear....  You want it!  

Don't miss your chance.


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