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ARISing Card (Ariston, circa 2000) -- any card called for

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This rising card deck won a FISM invention award back in 2000 when it debuted at that Lisbon convention.   And when you see how it works, you will probably agree that it deserves recognition for such an amazing (and intricate) method.   

Of course, the effect is what matters in magic, and this one is pretty strong:   

the magi mixes a deck of cards and then asks a spectator yells out the name of ANY card.   Without adjusting the order of the deck, no funny moves, etc, the magi places the deck into its cardcase.    He holds the case out in front of himself, and the chosen card rises halfway up out of the deck.    The magician tips the deck from the case, again mixes it, and again asks for another card to be called out.  Again, with no adjustment or secret maneuvers, the deck is placed into the card case, and again the (second) card called rises up.

The effect can be repeated over and over.   There is no force of cards, no limiting the choice.   In essence, this deck allows you to cause any card that is called to rise up!   

Some caveats:  

1.  the card rises about halfway out of the case, in the front of a group of cards that also rise behind it -- many magicians found this to be a drawback, but for lay audiences, they just see the named card rising.  If they see a block of cards rising, they still focus on the fact that the named card is visible in front of the magically rising cards. 

2.  This trick takes a lot of practice -- it is not hard technically, but it takes a knack and feel -- you must get used to how best to do it.    It does use an unseen gimmick, but one that is easily hidden/disguised, and the extra gimmick is self-contained -- no hook ups needed

3.   The trick has angle limitations -- not for casual close-up.  Best for formal close-up shows (or small living room standup) where audience members can be kept in front.

I think these caveats, (especially 2 & 3), caused many magicians to pass on this award winning trick.  It is fairly difficult to find now.   The original price was also $60, which I think scared off a lot of magicians back in 2000, when $60 card tricks were not as common as they have become today  :-)   

But you can pay much less here at TMGS, in 2022      

CONDITION NOTE:  this is "new-old" dealer inventory.   The deck and card case (and gimmick) are new and unused.  The original instructions are clean and unmarked.  The Original package label is quite worn around the edges, which was common with this trick, because of the way it was packaged.

The quality of the card deck is adequate for this effect, but they are not as nice as your regular performance cards.  It does not hinder the performance of this effect, but just know they are lower quality.   (The deck cannot be used for any other effects anyway!)

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