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Zig Zag Rope -- similar to Tenyo Clean Cut

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This effect is a nice magical quickie.  

A rope is shown and threaded through a small plastic "collar"  -- as the rope goes into the collar it never is out of sight, and it is clear and obvious that the rope runs directly through the collar (as in the 2nd photo).   But after a magical slice with his invisible knife, the magi pushes the collar apart (one half going right, the other left, as in the 1st photo).    The spectators can see the two pieces of rope.   Then after a moment of amazement, the collar halves are pushed back into alignment and the spectator is asked to pull on the rope end.  She pulls the rope from the collar, completely restored.

This is a nicely made version of the Tenyo trick, Clean Cut.      But please note this:  the gimmick in this version is not removable, so if you are interested in some of the more complicated routines which have been created for Clean Cut (and published on forums or in Kaufman's Tenyo-ism books), this version of the prop will not be suitable.  However, for the basic Clean Cut routine (as described above), this prop works perfectly.

The original Tenyo Clean Cut was not examinable, and neither is this version of the prop, so best to show this amazing quickie, put it in your pocket and move onto another miracle.

Brand new with instructions.    (The deck of cards in the photos is not included, or needed for the effect -- just there to give a sense of the size of this prop.)

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