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Necktie Card Sword (Bazar de Magia) -- aka Tie Pin Juan

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Juan Pablo comes up with some very off-the-wall stuff.  But unlike many magical mad-scientists, who end up with impractical pipe dreams of obscure/complicated effects, Juan Pablo frequently hits the mark with strong (but still offbeat) magic.

I called this Necktie Card Sword, because the actual name "Tie Pin Juan" probably does not give you any idea what this trick is about.  But (as you may have guessed), it is an updated version of the classic card sword, where instead of stabbing a card from the air with a fencing epee, you use your necktie.

You have been wearing a necktie throughout your act, and wherever it makes sense in the program to do this effect, you go into it with no additional secret prep -- in other words, you set up pre-show and you use it whenever you want.  (You could wear the tie at work all day, and do this trick at the water cooler in the afternoon... but I digress!)   

You have a card selected, and shuffled back into the deck.  The deck is given to the spectator to shuffle as you remove your tie.   The tie can be seen to be normal (which is basically is), and you explain how during the late 19th century, a famous magician used have a deck of cards thrown into the air, and he would stab through the selected card with a fencing sword!   "Well, my parole agreement precludes me from possessing any weapons, so I do that classic trick differently,"  you explain.    The cards are sprung into the air, and you snap the tie out among the cloud of cards.  One card is magically impaled on tip f the tie.   It is the chosen card, of course.   The spectator can take the card off herself, and keep it as a souvenir.

Before you ask... no, the card cannot be signed.  But for lay audiences, this is a minor point.  To them, it is the same selected card.

It comes with a tie that is set up for the effect, and also a second gimmick that you can put into a tie that matches your performance suit.  (Some reviews of this trick complained the tie supplied is out of fashion -- which it is,  But it is really  like a "Sample" and practice tie -- you will want to put the second gimmick in your own tie.   And you could also remove the gimmick from the "sample" tie and have a second tie from your own wardrobe.)

This trick was introduced about 15 years ago, but the trick never got widespread notice, probably because it was pretty expensive for what you got, (or because the sample tie was probably out of style even then).  The retail price was $35-$40 and although the effect is very clean and strong, you only got a fairly simple gimmick, and a tie that did not match your performing suit.   A shame, because the effect gets VERY strong reactions.

Well, GOOD NEWS.   I just got a few of these at a great close-out price, so I am pricing this at much lower than it previously sold for.

Note:  the gimmicked tie that you get will probably be different pattern/color than the one shown.  


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