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AKROSS (Sean Fields) --signed card transpo

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AKROSS (Sean Fields, self-published -- undated but circa 2010, I think) --

This DVD has three different effects, two of which fit the context of the DVD title (that is, they are cards across-type effects), and one two card transposition.    Fields seems to think he is breaking new ground with these effects and methods.  None of them are as ground-breaking in method or effect, though all two of the three are quite good, and items you will probably perform.  If you do perform them, you will get strong reactions.  But they are nothing that can't be found in Marlo, or a number of other sources.

The best of these is the first effect, Krossed Up, in which the magi shows a red deck and a blue deck.  The decks are cleanly shown and then the spectator chooses a card from the red deck, and signs it.  The card is placed back into red deck which is tabled, and the blue deck is shown again and tabled.   After some recapping of what has just occurred, the red deck is spread to show the selection is no longer in deck.  (It really is not there).   The blue deck is spread facedown and one red card is in the center.  It is taken out and seen to be the signed selection.

No palming, and two regular decks used, though you do need a couple of extra gaffs  -- these are not included with the DVD as issued, but likely you have them in your card magic drawer.

The second effect is a similar card flying from one half of a deck to the other -- sort of a one deck version of the effect above, but using a different method, and the card is not signed in this one.    The third effect adds a common gimmick to a standard two card transpo -- it is not bad, but seems (to me) to be overkill -- you can get the same effect without the extra gimmick.

This DVD has a typical retail of about $18-$22.      I like the effects, but this DVD should cost a lot less that, so I'll price it lower.

Previously owned, opened, but in like new condition.

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