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Double sided Coin (real currency) -- Two Headed Quarter

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Want an amazing "impromptu" mental prediction?   
Carry one of these double headed quarters with you in your pocket and you will be ready -- (But be careful not to spend it!)   

With it, you can predict what coin will be randomly selected from a bunch of borrowed change, and even the date on that randomly selected coin.   (There were no instructions provided by the maker of this item, but I will include my own handling of the classic coin prediction using this handy gimmick.)   And if you also get a two tailed coin (either nickel or quarter, from our other listings), you can use it with one of these two headed quarters to repeat the prediction miracle ending up with a different coin.

Of course, you can also just use the coin to win a lot of coin tosses!    

Experience the joys of owning a tricky two-headed quarter made from genuine US currency.   (NOT some fake metal or plastic coin that your spectators would obviously be suspicious of!)

NOTE: the date on your coin may be different from the date on the coin shown in the photo.

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